Meet our GWM Team

Ron Grabiner


People who get it, want it and have the capacity to do it

With virtually every company out there, people are the most important asset. They are that key intangible that differentiates an organization from its competition, especially in today’s highly dynamic and constantly shifting business world. People behind the scenes and their knowledge, expertise, abilities, skills, and experience make the greatest tool a company can have. These are the face of an organization and today, it’s our pleasure to introduce the Go With Media (GWM) team – people that make the magic happen.

Our connection is pretty simple: M51 is one of the co-founders of GWM. For those unfamiliar with what GWM does, we’ll quickly summarize the company: a boutique media agency specializing in online digital campaigns with a profound focus on video. Therein lies the first clue to what GWM stands for. Being a boutique agency allows the company to be more dedicated to its clients and provide a tailored solution that effectively negates the complexity of the advertising ecosystem.

How it all started

Patrick Yulzari, the co-founder and CEO of Go With Media is quick to point out the service side of the business as the exact reason why the company exists. To be more precise – the lack of it.

“We felt that digital advertising can offer more and there’s much more to do than what was being presented. What was missing was the service side of the business. With the digital advertising landscape being so large and complex, it’s critical to have the right guidance and good service providers to help businesses navigate through this vibrant ecosystem.”

In our minds, that’s exactly what the GWM team does – be a guiding hand in an otherwise overwhelming environment.

Patrick being serious.

The company started as a two-man operation, with co-founder and CRO Ron Grabiner being the other half of the duo. Ron, one of the liveliest characters in the company (if not the liveliest) and a close look-alike of Tormund from Game of Thrones, leveraged years of business experience and connections with relevant people, while Patrick was more of a tech guy and brought the necessary technical knowledge and expertise. One could say they were the yin to each other’s yang.

Following the growth

As they gained more clients, so did the workforce grow, especially on the technical side. As Patrick said:

“This is how GWM was built: we added new clients all the time that Ron was finding, while I was responsible for connecting them (i.e. advertiser wants to distribute to different sites – we connect him to the right website owners) and making the magic happen. We needed to add more and more people to support these activities so the company grew fast.”

That primarily included a lot of account managers to take control of all accounts and new clients, as well as technical experts to connect all the dots on the technology side of things. Today, a little over two and a half years later, the company has 15 people employed, distributed in offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Kiev, Ukraine.

The company is very active when it comes to hiring – it needs to be in order to keep in line with its organic growth. This year, GWM started something new: an app-oriented side of the business by having its own studio and developing its own games. As you can imagine, different sides of the business need talented people so we were interested to know: what kind of people are perfect fits for GWM when it comes to their character?

Being Batman?

As much as that being the case would solve all sorts of problems, personifying the Caped Crusader is not a prerequisite – that’s just Ron channeling his inner crime fighter.

“People have to be a number of things. Mainly, they need to be in line with the character of the company: that other people want to be around them,” says Patrick.

Presented in an easily-digestible format, it looks like this:

  • They need to be interested in advertising and have some kind of internal drive

“It’s not enough to just work or do something that’s interesting – the work needs to evoke something, whether it’s the impact on a company or the enjoyment of working in the advertising ecosystem.”

  • Being a hard worker

“People that take on a project, I really expect them to get to know the project inside out and lead it where it’s supposed to be and be very independent. In short – people that don’t leave unfinished business.

  • Happy people

“Enjoy life and especially the work environment – they realize they have to work but also enjoy coming to the same place five days a week and enjoy the good vibes.”

Those three points easily describe everything you need to know about the GWM team. And it immediately shows. Patrick is an ambitious and goal-oriented person of the people, a combination that’s appreciated in every facet of life, not just business-wise. Ron is also a people person in a way that he has this uncanny ability to interact and connect on a deep level fairly quickly. People open to him easily, which in turn strengthens the bond of the workplace.

As the ultimate example of the type of people that the company wants to have around, Patrick mentions Gabriel Abramov, GWM’s Head of Mobile. Joined a year and a half ago, Gabriel is very ambitious and interested in the industry but also has a fun side to him. Yet, being in charge of an entire department also means that lighthearted and entertaining side takes a backseat whenever things need to be taken seriously.

As seen here revealing his inner superhero.

Here’s what Yelena Mualem, Head of Ad Operations, says about working at GWM:

“The most important thing for me is the level of interest and challenge. By constantly challenging myself, I can do things and make a real change the way I am thinking will be the best. GWM welcomes free thinkers, creativity, changes and trying new things that have the potential to grow us as a company and me as an individual.

More than that, we are united team that is equally having fun working with each other professionally and talking about our personal lives over a cup of coffee. GWM give us a place to develop ourselves in various fields by trusting us we will do best.”

At the recent superhero-themed photo shoot (one from which you are seeing these awesome pictures), everyone added a quote that best represents themselves. Here’s what Patrick said:

“Life is an adventure, and I’m an adventure writer.”

That just about sums up Go With Media overall in the best possible way.  Not everyone sees business as an adventure but it really is, especially if you create something that makes a difference in the end. And this particular company certainly does.

That would be a little something about the GWM team. We hope you enjoyed reading this – we certainly enjoy working with them!

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