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We’re entering the world of OTT: PlayWorks collaboration announcement

Ronen Menipaz


We’re also excited to announce a strategic merge with an OTT (Over-The-Top) gaming company called PlayWorks. What’s so great about it? Only that we’ve partnered up with the leader in OTT gaming content! PlayWorks has the largest amount of gaming and content channels on popular OTT platforms. We are talking about Roku, Comcast, Vizio, Amazon, Samsung, LG, and many others. 

On top of that, PlayWorks offers real-time monetization and content synchronization for advertisers. Coupled with our penchant for tech-based scaling, M51 is not only helping PlayWorks make their games better: we are also bringing the connection between real-time engagement and television (two completely opposite sides, historically speaking) through CTV (connected TV) technologies. In other words –  facilitate the future of TV.

What is OTT?

‘Over-the-top’ refers to a term used to describe a different channel or method through which the content is delivered to end users: via the Internet but “over” a traditional media distribution channel such as a cable box. As a result, online content is streamed directly over the web and acts as a standalone product.

CTV devices and OTT content are making a huge splash in terms of how businesses reach and connect with their audiences. Current methods and approaches in TV marketing and advertising are becoming obsolete as technology advances and user behaviour evolves. With PlayWork, we are proud to stand at the forefront of this new future. 

There’ll be plenty more updates from us so keep an eye on our blog and social media – things are only going to get more interesting!

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